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FQ777-124 Drone Review, Mini Quadcopter, Pocket Drone -

Design: The FQ FQ777-124 Pocket Drone 4CH 6-Axis Gyro Quadcopter has a very efficient transmitter design to which I have come across. Not only does it store the 7*7*3 cm quadcopter, but it also has additional compartments to store accessories and spare parts. Also, it fits right in your pocket and the layout of the controls are very beginner friendly and easy to operate. As an added bonus, the transmitter can charge the quadcopter out in the field, although it does take roughly 30 minutes. The quadcopter itself is sleek and has LED lights so that the user can easily...

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Foldable Pocket Drone, H37 JY018 ELFIE, H37 JY018 ELFIE Review, Pocket Drone, Pocket Drone Review, Selfie Pocket Drone -

Design  The H37 JY018 ELFIE Foldable Pocket Drone's design is clean, sleek, and modern. The color schemes available offer a high contrast in colors, allowing to easily distinguish front from back. This creates a user friendly experience that guide the pilot to the drone's orientation. On the outside the quadcopter has a simple interface that is beginner friendly and unique. It's legs compact together making this drone a goto for flying-on-the-go, wherever you go! - Whether it be indoors or outdoors!   Small enough to fit in your pocket the H37 JY018 ELFIE Foldable Pocket Drone stands up to its name, since...

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